About Me

I’m just a typical small town, good ol’ boy. I love country music, classic rock, football, basketball, baseball and cold beer on a Friday night.

I graduated from Brookville High School in rural Brookville, Ohio (northwest of Dayton) in 1991. My undergraduate college journey began at Wright State University in Dayton with a short stint at The Ohio State University and concluded at Northern Kentucky University  where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Radio and Television. After about ten years of various professional experiences, I retreated to the beaches of south Florida to earn a Master’s degree in Communication from Florida Atlantic University in sunny Boca Raton.

The first couple years of my career included working as a news reporter, news photog, and television director/producer at a local origination cable station. But, I primarily spent most of my time working as a freelance camera man for Emmy winning network sports events for the likes of ESPN, HBO, and Fox Sports Ohio. Recently, in addition to teaching full-time, I have been an Emmy nominated news producer for nationally distributed PBS television documentaries and I was a co-producer for a public radio documentary that earned a regional Edward R. Murrow award for excellence in journalism.

Since 2002, I’ve been been a lecturer teaching at Florida Atlantic University, Indiana University and Northern Kentucky University. I’ve been teaching full-time at NKU since 2004. I truly have one of life’s great jobs. Every day I feel like I get to make a difference in students’ lives. Or at least, I’m trying really hard to.

I still get to enjoy my love of sports and live TV by directing and producing most of NKU’s sports events for ESPN3. My non-teaching career highlight was working the 2006 Ohio State (ranked #1) vs. Michigan (ranked #2) game. I was in the corner of the endzone when Troy Smith hit Brian Robiske right in front of me to clinch the game and the Heisman Trophy. Go Bucks! Below is the footage I shot.

You can see me working in the corner of the end zone from footage of the nationally televised game. Below is the clip from the touchdown winning play. I’m wearing a white press vest, I’m behind the referee near the pylon and I pedestal down to my knees as I’m shooting. On the freezeframe, thumbnail below I’m standing in the background between the referee and the Ohio State player; looking like the badass that I am, ha!)

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