My Resume Tape

Outline of some video samples of my work listed below:

I. Special assignment documentary news producer

II. Live sports director/producer/teacher

III. Sports field highlight shooter

IV. Broadcast television commercial director/producer

V. One-man band news reporter/shooter/editor

VI. Director/Producer corporate/informative video

VII. & VIII. Director/Producer/Shooter/Editor news documentaries

I. I have been a documentary news producer for WTIU-TV at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. These documentaries were distributed nationally to member PBS stations. Links to the documentaries are below:

“Finding the Fix: Heroin’s Hold on the Heartland”

“Shadows of Innocence”

“I69: Are We There Yet?”

II. Condensed sample from around 2010 of directing/producing of live sports telecasts for Northern Kentucky University using students as crew. Student, Scott Nagel, created our graphics and opening animation. You can currently view our work on ESPN3.

III. Sample of sports field highlight shooting: (I shot this for a local network affiliate. It is a clip from the 2006 (#1) Ohio State vs. (#2) Michigan game. This is a shot from the biggest play in the biggest game from one of sports biggest rivalries. It was also a play that clinched a Heisman Trophy.)

IV. Sample of a broadcast television commercial: (This was a commercial I produced in which I did everything (editing, shooting, writing, directing, etc. Marty Brennaman did the voice over) This was the first year of the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund. I volunteered my services at the time to help get them going. I think this was around 2002.)

V. Sample of a one-man band news package (I did have an intern shoot the stand-up) this was from around 1997:

VI. Sample of  a corporate/informative video that I volunteered to do for a local charity. This was created in the late 1990’s.

VII. Sample of a documentary that I did for a local cable station about a grass roots organization trying to seek funding and national historic landmark recognition for a local park. (This was mid-1990’s linear analogue technology. But I like the way I wrote the story so kept it on here.)

VIII. This documentary was a special half-hour program that featured the need for state funding to ease a shortage of assisted-care residential facilities for special needs Kentuckians. The governor made reference to this video in his “state of the state” address that year. Again this was mid-1990’s technology, so the transitions and graphics are a bit dated.