Student Resume Tapes

A resume tape/demo reel  is a sample of your work for prospective employers to view.  If a student is serious about working in television they have one of these tapes/reels. There is no exact formula for what a resume tape should look like, but it needs to include a demonstration of your skills you are wanting to highlight, such as shooting, editing, etc. If your goal is to be a news reporter or sports reporter, most news directors have told me that a reporter’s demo reel/resume tape must include three stand-ups (at different locations with different clothes) and two news packages and one must be a one person band package where you do everything shoot, edit, write, report. Only show your best work and the total running time probably should not exceed  5  minutes. Below are some typical sample resume tapes/reels done by NKU students who were seeking a specific type of television job. The first one is from Dan Griffin, you can currently watch his work as a reporter on channel 5 WLWT.


TV News Reporter/Shooter Resume Tape:

In Daniel’s video he does a great job of showcasing his broadcast news writing skills as well as his shooting and editing abilities.

TV Sports Reporter/Anchor/Shooter Resume Tape:

Alyssa’s video does a fantastic job of demonstrating her reporting, shooting, editing, producing, anchoring and interviewing skills.

TV Sports Field Shooter Resume Tape:

Brandon’s video demonstrates the skills and types of shots sports directors are looking for when they hire sports field shooters. (People who shoot sports highlights). Brandon does  a nice job of shooting the necessary cut-aways as well as the skill of rolling focus while adjusting framing on sports action and “hero shots.”

Video Editor/ Graphics Artist Resume Tape:

J.J. Painter began doing professional graphics and editing work as a student. This was the video he used his senior year to demonstrate his editing, compositing, audio mixing and video graphics post-production skills. This is from about 10 years ago, so the graphics are a bit dated, but I think they still drive home the point.


Director/Producer Newsbreak sample work:

Eric Edens directed this news break and Caitlin Center was the producer.

News Documentary Producer/Director and Director of Photography sample work:

Tori Lentz was the director and producer for this documentary and Kasey Long shot most of the video as the director of photography. They received a national “Award of Excellence” from the Broadcast Education Association.

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